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Festivals and Food in Almeria

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Festivals in Almeria | Food in Almeria



La Feria de Almeria, Almeria’s main festival is celebrated during the second half of August, in honor of the Virgin of the Sea. In these days the whole population (or at least this is what it seems) poures out on the streets, eating, dancing and having fun, enjoying the many events arranged for the occasion. Children are no exception, and during the Feria they can enjoy games and amusements until late at night.

Almeria’s city center. The area is full of pubs and disco bars, a great place to meet people while enjoying a tapa or witnessing a flamenco show. The atmosphere is relaxed and especially during summertime the environment is quite multicultural.


In Almeria when it comes to food, fresh fish and vegetables are the main stars.
Try the Almeria style salted cod, along with almonds, potatoes and brussels sprouts. Other specialities include Gachas (clam stew), Escabeche and Sardines (sardines in a hot sauce) and Trigo (a stew containing pork and wheat grains).
 Also mouth watering is the paella marinera, made only with rice and seafood.

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