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About Almeria

About Almeria | Info on Almeria



Population 185,000 - Altitude 20 Mt - Website: www.almeria-turismo.org

Almeria lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and is the most eastern provincial capital of Andalucia, perhaps the most dry province in Spain. In fact, north of the city the landscape turns into a real desert, known as the Desierto de Tabernas, a large plateau of cliffs and canyons which resemble the state of Arizona.

Not surprisingly, during the decades of the ‘60 and ‘70 many movies were shot here, such as "A Fistful of Dollars"or "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" displaying actors of the likes of Clint Eastwood and Rachel Welch.
 Even today part of the city economy still lives on the legacy of the film industry. Apart from the three amusement parks created on the old movie sets, many companies are now dedicated in offering customized sets to shoot commercials and video clips.

Almeria today is a bustling city that spreads around its important harbour, and boasts a long history of Islamic domination. For several centuries, until 1489 when it surrendered to the Catholic Kings, "Almariya" was a prosperous Moorish city dedicated to the commercial production of silk. In 1522 an earthquake devastated the town but from its ruins a new Almeria resurrected.
The city nowadays is full of life, you will find a good selection of restaurants, clubs, pubs and tapas bars both during day and night time.

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