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Festivals and Food in Alcala de los Gazules

Festivals in Alcala de los Gazules | Food in Alcala de los Gazules




Saint Jorge celebration, 22-24 April. In honor of the patron saint of the city. Eat, drink, dance and try some bull chasing if you dare.

La Feria, Alcala’ de los Gazules festival, which is generally held around the 25th of August. 5 days of festival, music, competitions, that will make you forget to go to sleep before dawn.

The Pilgrimage of Nuestra Señora de los Santos, a procession that dates back to the sixteenth century and gathers thousands of pilgrims. It is celebrated on the 11th of September.


The gazpacho is a warm and typical dish of Alcala de Los Gazules area, a sort of hot tomato soup. It could sound quite unappetising, but you need to try it, at least once.

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