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About Alcala de los Gazules

About Alcala de los Gazules | Info on Alcala de los Gazules



Population: 5,600 - Altitude: 165 Mt - Website: www.alcaladelosgazules.es

Alcala de los Gazules is a town located in the province of Cadiz, a place well known in Spain for its position, in fact Alcala is immersed in the beautiful Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Alcala is also known for being the birthplace of singer Alejandro Sanz, a Spanish sex symbol, famous for his duets with Shakira and Alicia Keys.

The first historical evidence lead to the Roman occupation of Alcala’ de Los Gazules, a time when the town was called Lascuta. Later it fell prey of the Vandals and of the Visigoths, who left as inheritance a massive tower, called the Mesa de Esparragal. Then came the Arabs, and finally the Catholic Kings.

The most terrifying historical event happened in 1809 during the War of Independence, Alcala 'succeeded' to drive out the French troops with an ambush. Unfortunately, a year later, French General Manbourg takes revenge decapitating most of the population and destroying the town’s castle.

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